Hands-on Workshop on Genomics Insights

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VCR Park is organizing a NGS (Exome Seq.) hands-on workshop on Genomics Insights under the ASCEND Executive Graduate Program, in association with Premas Life Sciences and FABA academy, during November 04 ‑07, 2022. 

Along with the main workshop two other add-on courses;

  1. PCR, RT-PCR & its applications 
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Life Sciences 

will help participants (Life-Science/Biotech Students, Life-Science working professionals, Clinicians & Pathologists) to gain NGS-relevant insights and learn various nuances about genomics and its clinical applications.

Registration Link: https://​fs27​.form​site​.com/​i​O​q​d​8​E​/​p​o​o​b​c​h​4​h​b​u​/​f​o​r​m​_​l​o​g​i​n​.html

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