Hands-on Training Programme on Bioprocessing

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The workshop aims to offer a broad overview on various relevant techniques required for biopharmaceutical process development and optimization. Bioprocess development and optimization proceeds using an integrated approach of upstream processing, harvest technologies, downstream processing and analytical characterisation.

Currently, there is an increased demand for scientists trained in bioprocess technology who can translate new discoveries into industrial-scale production and work at the interface of biology and engineering science. This two-day hands-on training workshop shall be organized by the DBT Centre for Biopharmaceutical Technology at IIT Delhi. The workshop shall provide hands-on training in various relevant techniques required for biopharmaceutical product development in the following areas:

Module 1: Upstream Processing for Biopharmaceuticals

Module 2: Harvest Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals

Module 3: Downstream Processing for Biopharmaceuticals

Module 4: Analytical Characterization for Biopharmaceuticals

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