Flow Cytometry and Its Applications in Basic and Applied Science

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Karyashala — a high-end workshop on flow cytometry is funded by SERB, Govt. of India under Accelerate Vigyan Scheme. The workshop aims to train masters, PhD students and post-doctorates specifically from institutes/​organization who do not have access to high-end flow cytometers and cell sorters.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop the participants will

  1. Gain knowledge and hands-on experience of using high-end modern flow cytometers.
  2. be able to differentiate and work with analysers and sorters. They should be able to choose flow cytometer types suitable for their research applications.
  3. Understand the fluorescence spectral characteristics and choose the right combination of fluorophores in their studies.
  4. Gain insights into critical steps of sample preparations, appropriate controls and experimental designing.
  5. Use different systems including FACS VERSE, CANTO, ARIA FUSION from BD, and CTYOFLEX from Beckman Coulter.
  6. The participants will get to interact with academic research staff at IISc as well as flow cytometry specialists from BD, Beckman Coulter etc.

The workshop aims to provide a wide-ranging knowledge on flow cytometry and its applications through both theory and practical hands-on sessions. This workshop will be conducted having lecture series form eminent scientists and application specialists from within and outside the institute including companies. The workshop will cover topics ranging from basic principles of fluidics, lasers, flow cytometry measurements, cell cycle analysis, immunophenotyping, cell sorting and applications in tissue engineering, biomarker detection and tumor biology.

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