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Entangled Natures- A conference on Human Ecology
Human Ecology is an eclectic field of research within the tradition of interdisciplinary knowledge endeavours. Research and teaching at the School of Human Ecology (SHE) brings together philosophical frameworks, methodologies and toolkits from natural and social science disciplines to understand interactions between environment and society. There is a distinctive emphasis on studying issues at smaller spatial scales and focusing on complexity and causality in the intertwined lives of humans and other species. Scholars at SHE are inclined towards the worm’s‑eye view while studying big questions’ of justice, well-being and sustainability in local, empirical contexts. Human and nonhuman agencies are explored in ecological and social transformations in South Asia, in the present as well as in the past.

The Entangled Natures conference invites scholars and students who are engaged in research on such issues that are of interest to Human Ecology. The five conference panels reflect thematic areas of research within SHE. They discuss geographies that are marginal to mainstream concerns, such as India’s islands and high-altitude rangelands, and heterodox approaches to studying classic themes, such as cities, agriculture and environmental governance. Contributions are invited from scholars and early career researchers working on these themes, as elaborated in the panel abstracts. The conference will also showcase interdisciplinary research undertaken by postgraduate students of SHE, as part of their curriculum requirements, in the Poster and Speed Talks sessions. 

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