Advanced techniques in live confocal microscopy

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The main purpose of this workshop is to train and improve the microscopy skill set of students and researchers who have basic understanding of microscopy and plan to apply advanced microscopy techniques in their studies. The workshop aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge in both theory and practical hands-on usage of the advanced confocal microscopy systems. The workshop will cover topics ranging from basic concepts in microscopy such as principles of optics and light, wide-field, confocal and super resolution microscopy. In addition students will be exposed to advanced techniques such as Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) Fluorescence recovery after photo bleaching (FRAP), etc.

At the end of the workshop the participants will

  1. Gain hands-on experience of high-end confocal microscopes and techniques.
  2. Be able to differentiate between wide-field, confocal and super resolution microscopes. They should be able to choose confocal microscope types suitable for their research applications.
  3. Understand the fluorescence spectral characteristics and choose the right combination of fluorophores in their studies.
  4. Gain insights into critical steps of sample preparations, appropriate controls and experimental designing.
  5. Use different confocal systems including Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan, Leica SP8, Andor Dragon fly spinning disk.
  6. Get chance to work advanced confocal techniques such as FRET, FRAP
  7. The participants will get to interact with academic research staff at IISc as well as microscopic specialists from Zeiss, Leica and Andor 

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