8th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences

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8th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Conference on Deliberation on Translation of Basic Scientific Insights into Affordable Healthcare Products

Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences (Regd.) (IABS) has been established in order to promote research in the field of translational sciences. The academy has been registered under Societies Act 1860 of Government of India, with Registration No. 2826−2011−2012. The academy was formed with the vision, keen interest and efforts of several scientists from India and abroad. 

IABS 8th Annual meeting will have deliberation on the ever-growing field of research surrounding metabolic disorders, metabolomics, cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases, nutraceuticals and importance of translation research. From basic to translational research on various biomedical field, this event will be a platform for discussion on novel developments and emerging challenges and will pave path for successful achievement. The main objective of conference is to provide an opportunity for scientists and young researchers to get exposed to the latest research and developments in the field of translational biomedical sciences. It aims to promote exchange of ideas and create an environment for collaborative endeavours in the emerging frontiers of biomedical sciences having national and international significance. 

  • Metabolic syndromes & complications 
  • Communicable diseases
  • CNS disorders
  • Cancer
  • Drug discovery
  • Natural products & nutraceuticals 
  • Indian system of Medicine 
  • Epidemiology

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