7th Meeting of the Asian Forum of Chromosome and Chromatin Biology

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Research on Chromosome – Chromatin biology has gained tremendous impetus in recent years. Discovery of different chromatin modifying enzymes, remodeling machineries and high resolution nucleosome structure has enabled us to get deep insight of mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomenon.

Understanding of chromatin dynamics in the context of the entire DNA templated phenomenon has become essential to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of these processes. Furthermore, the steadily increasing literature clearly suggests a strong connection between chromatin and various diseases. In India, different groups have initiated front-line research activities in this area. Over the past 14 years this forum is helping to develop collaborative research activities and perform better internationally. Keeping this in mind we are organizing the 7th Meeting of the Asian Forum of Chromosome and Chromatin Biology ” meeting this year. This meeting covers the following research areas:

1. Epigenetic regulation of memory and neurodegenerative disorders

2. Transcription Regulation through chromatin modifications and remodeling

3. Chromatin and Disease

4. Biophysics & Nanobiology of Chromatin

5. Chromatin Biology and Differentiation processes

Apart from several active scientists from India, renowned international scientists are also participating in the meeting. A successful completion of the present effort would definitely create a better scientific environment for Chromosome-Chromatin research in this part of the globe.

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