Scientific Knowledge for Ageing and Neurological ailments SKAN Research Trust

 Bengaluru, Karnataka

SKAN is a public charitable trust for medical research set up by Ashok Soota and Davis Karedan. Ashok is the Executive Chairman of Happiest Minds, and Chairman of Happiest Health, a health and wellness knowledge enterprise. Davis is the Managing Trustee of Ashirvadam, an NGO.
Ashok has had a stellar career as a serial entrepreneur. He has led both companies where he was founding Chairman to very successful IPOs: Happiest Minds (2020) and MindTree (2007). Prior to that he led Wipro’s IT business (1984-1999) making it the second largest IT company in the industry.

SKAN (Scientific Knowledge for Ageing and Neurological ailments)-Research Trust aims to build a deep understanding in the areas of brain research, gut microbiome, stroke, diabetic neuropathy etc and build medical devices for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurological ailments.

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