Chanakya School of Biosciences SBS

 Bengaluru, Karnataka

The Chanakya School of Biosciences (SBS) is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience in the field of biosciences and a place where you can embark on an exciting journey of scientific discovery and exploration. It is aligned with the vision that technology is the driver of this century and needs to be utilized for social development. Our school is dedicated to fostering a passion for scientific inquiry and discovery in our students, and we strive to prepare them for a variety of careers in biosciences.

The Chanakya School of Biosciences (SBS) has domains/centers with core expertise in specific areas necessary for interdisciplinary research and education programs. The interconnected domains/centers will focus on cutting-edge research in thematic and emerging areas of biosciences with a translational aspiration. The school will offer skill-oriented educational programs at the interface of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and computation. The centers will also develop online educational resources, tools, software, and databases in the areas of core expertise. The school will also incubate start-up companies in relevant areas.

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