Rupa Rahul Bajaj Center for Environment and Art RRBCEA

 Pune, Maharashtra

The purpose of the RRBCEA is to impart knowledge, undertake research and provide hands-on experience to various age groups in the field of environment. It houses an exhibition hall designed for exhibits on the environment, a library, a laboratory, multipurpose rooms for activities, and an interactive space for discussions, lectures etc. The center had a soft launch on 7th September, 2018.

The RRBCEA is located in the renowned Empress Botanical Garden, near the Race Course, Pune, Maharashtra. The Empress Botanical Garden dates back to the British era. Known as “Soldier’s Garden” at one point in time because this was where the British Soldiers relaxed, the Empress Garden now serves as a botanical garden. It houses meandering creepers over canopies, ferns, and numerous trees, some of which are ornamental and planted during the British times. The Agri. Horticultural Society of Western India maintains this garden.

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