IPCA Centre for Waste Mangement and Research ICWMR

 New Delhi, Delhi & NCR

IPCA Centre for Waste Management and Research (ICWMR) is established jointly by the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) and TERI School of Advanced Studies. The centre aims to undertake evidence-based research, develop technology, bring innovations, conduct capacity building programmes, and develop sustainable supply chain of waste. We publish insights by eliciting inputs through organizing working group sessions, conferences and collaborating with similar national and international institutes.

Through our activities, we aim to contribute immensely to generate data on environment and waste management which can contribute to responsible decision-making and inform policy level interventions.

To successfully accomplish project objectives and goals, we draw knowledge and experience from a large pool of faculties and experts from TERI SAS, researchers from TERI and, action researchers and practitioners from IPCA.

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