International Centre for Theoretical Sciences ICTS

About ICTS-TIFR: Founded in 2007, ICTS is a unique institution in India with three interlinked missions - programs, research, and outreach. Programs bring together researchers from all over the world, under one roof, to work together to solve the most challenging questions posed by nature; to discover the underlying structures across the sciences; and to strive for the unity of knowledge. Research at ICTS is a union of families of researchers working across the broad themes of complex systems (statistical and condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics and turbulence, physical biology), space-time physics (string theory, astrophysical relativity), and mathematics. Outreach at ICTS aims to draw members of civic society into the adventure of science through a variety of exciting activities. The ICTS campus provides a modern and well-equipped work environment and also has a guesthouse, a housing complex, healthcare, childcare, and recreational facilities for members and visitors. Please visit for more information on ICTS.

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