Atria University AU

 Bengaluru, Karnataka

Atria University is innovating an education framework focused on empowering students to “learn how to learn,” combining interdisciplinarity, project-based learning and innovative pedagogies towards producing problem solvers of tomorrow. We are accepting our first cohort of undergraduate students in October 2021, at the heart of Bengaluru—a vibrant metropolis and hub of research, technology, art and enterprise in India. Courses will be offered as full-time immersive modules in one-to-three-week formats, with students learning fundamentals in the context of real-world problems. Students will take courses sequentially and complete an entire course before moving on to the next course. First year courses will be common to all incoming students and will emphasize foundational skills in ethics, social science, inquiry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computation, to prepare the students to choose and specialize in the majors of their choice after the first year.

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