Overview of YI Huddle

YI Huddle will consist of a series of 12 webinars for YIs across India via IndiaBiostreams (webinars by IndiaBioscience) from May 2023 to March 2024.

While focused on YIs, the series will be open to all, including YIs, PDFs, PhD students, faculty, scientists, and science professionals.

The general structure for each YI Huddle:

1 Interlocutor | 1 – 2 Guests | Open Q/A

No slides, informal, conversational.

Planned Schedule of YI Huddle

Topic of Webinar



Starting out: Going from Research Project to Research Program

  • Defining and expanding focus areas 
  • Seeking collaborations
  • Hiring and recruitment 
  • Building a strategy for publications 
  • Planning purchases, equipment, field-work 
  • Navigating administrative and institutional/​teaching roles

26 May 2023 


Beyond the sanction order: Understanding Research Grants and Diverse Funding Sources 

  • Understanding a grant 
  • What to know when working with an RDO or Grants Office
  • Philanthropic/​CSR funds 
  • Other sources of funds
  • Foreign funding rules 

23 June 2023


To be noted: Research Documentation and Reproducibility for YIs

  • Why is reproducibility important? Why do we need a framework for reproducibility?
  • Data organization and management
  • How to overcome challenges of integrating reproducible research practices in life science laboratories
  • Best practices to follow for lab notebooks, data storage, back up of data
  • Research ethics

28 July 2023


Publish, but don’t Perish: Navigating Academic Publishing for YIs

  • Navigating the current model (albeit suboptimal)
  • APCs from India, waivers, LMIC countries, Preprints, Plan S 
  • Paper Mills, Citation Cartels, Predatory journals 
  • Open Science: Beyond open access 

25 August 2023


Like it or not: Social Media and Digital Networking for YIs

  • Digital media for professional development
  • Rules and hazards of engagement
  • How to leverage a social media presence to enhance research and career goals
  • Building and maintaining a lab website with basic tools

29 September 2023


Mentoring 101: Building a positive lab culture

  • Mentoring basics
  • Challenges and difficult conversations 
  • Seeking solutions and opportunities 
  • The role of active listening in lab culture
  • Work-life boundaries
  • DEI in lab environments 

20 October 2023


A lab beyond the lab: How can YIs leverage common research infrastructure and incubation parks in India?

  • Common research infrastructures in India
  • How can academic YIs leverage incubation parks? 
  • How can we build or design open and sustainable infrastructure for life-sciences in India?

24 November 2023


Scientist-Founders: Building Industry or Market Collaborations and Partnerships

  • What is Industrial collaboration?
  • What kind of research attracts industrial collaboration?
  • Where does one find industrial funding?
  • What is the expected outcome of a project based on industrial funding?
  • Joint academia-industry grants?

13 December 2023


Academia-Clinical Collaborations: Beyond samples and datasets

  • What should clinical collaborations look like?
  • How can they be leveraged to impact patient outcomes 
  • Building academia-clinical collaborations to be two way approaches
  • Seeking funding for clinical collaborations
  • Scientific and medical ethics in academia-clinical collaborations

19 January 2024


Going full circle: The why and how of public engagement, citizen science and outreach 

  • How does scientist-driven outreach in India stand as of now?
  • Taking public science engagement in India further
  • Scientific social responsibility
  • How can outreach make you a better scientist?

16 February 2024


Science and Policy: How can and why should YIs get involved?

  • Why should YIs be involved in science policy?
  • How can scientific research be bridged with policy? (animal rights, genetics) 
  • How can YIs contribute to national policy discussions and conversations?
  • Science policy forums and discussions in India 
  • STIP 2020 and what it can mean for doing science in India

28 March 2024