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This live online event will be hosted on Zoom.

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About the online event

Date: 21 October 2022

Time: 16:30 — 17.30 IST | 7:00 — 8:00 EST 

Ignite Life Science Foundation, Cactus Communications, and IndiaBioscience have come together to co-host this live online event. In a relaxed and conversational format, the interlocutor for each session will uncover the background story of the work and life of an eminent scientist. This will not only afford students, young scientists, and the science-curious in India a first-hand/ringside view of what it takes to become successful in science but also give them an opportunity to direct questions to the invited scientist. This is a platform for students, young scientists, and the science-curious in India to connect with the stories behind the work of eminent scientists, in preparation for their own journey in science.

This series of online live events will explore the lives and work of scientists in an informal chat session. The 5th conversation of this series is with a well-known pharmaceutical industry leader Prabhavathi Fernandes who is the Chairperson of National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), US and the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP).

Who should attend

The IN CONVERSATION with IGNITE’ sessions are public events meant for the science-curious early and mid-career faculty, senior scientists, students, and the broader society. We would especially like to invite undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. students from across India to attend these sessions to hear some remarkable stories behind some equally remarkable science and interact with the speakers.

Up to eight audience members will be awarded a prize for actively participating during the sessions and asking interesting question/​s.

Note: You may also submit your questions via the registration form. So stay curious and keep asking questions!

All are welcome. Come to discuss and celebrate science!


  • 16:30 IST

    Welcome & Housekeeping rules

  • 16:34 IST

    In conversation with Prabhavathi Fernandes

    Prabhavathi Fernandes + Swami Subramaniam

  • 17:10 IST

    Audience Q&A

  • 17:25 IST

    Concluding remarks


Prabhavathi Fernandes

Prabha Fernandes

Dr. Prabhavathi has more than 40 years of pharmaceutical discovery, development and management experience having held executive leadership positions at several pharmaceutical corporations. She has founded and led four biotechnology and CRO companies. During her years in Pharma she was directly involved with the development of 4 antibiotics for human use and 2 for animal/​agricultural use. She is the Chairperson of National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), the Chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP), a DNDi/​WHO initiative, the Chairperson of the Clinical Antibacterial Pipeline advisory group — WHO, and member of the ACTIV NIH working group for therapeutics & vaccines for COVID‐19. She is on the Board of Directors of OpGen, Aelin Therapeutics and Ocugen and advises several companies. She has authored over 250 publications, several reviews, book chapters and is a section editor for Journal of Antibiotics.


Swami Subramaniam

Swami Subramaniam

Swami Subramaniam is currently CEO of Ignite Life Science Foundation after spending nearly 3‑decades working in the global biopharmaceutical industry. By training, he is a physician-scientist with an MD (PGI, Chandigarh) in Clinical Pharmacology and a PhD (University of Pennsylvania) in Molecular Neuropharmacology.


For any queries related to this online event and also to share your ideas ahead of the event, write to swamis[at]ignitelsf[dot]in.