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A successful scientific career requires many skills that go beyond the topics taught in a scientific curriculum. In our shared commitment to promoting life sciences, EMBO and IndiaBioscience have joined efforts to bring to the scientific community in India online seminars to update and practice soft skills, which include communication, grant writing, publishing and scientific integrity. Our trainings are tailored specifically to the needs of researchers at early career stages and aim at improving both the quality and the quantity of research output in the medium and long term. We launched this initiative in April 2020. 

EMBO | IndiaBioscience Grant Writing Workshop

In this Grant Writing workshop, we set forth to impart to late-stage PhDs and Postdoctoral fellows the skills required to write a successful fellowship/​grant application.

The workshop consists of two independent parts: an open Webinar 1 (registration needed to attend) + a closed Webinar 2 (attendance is application based).

A more detailed overview of the two webinars is provided below.

Webinar 1: Fundamentals of Writing Effective Grant and Fellowship Applications

Through the exploration of theory and examples, this webinar aims to help participants (to):

• understand different types of grants (personal- vs. project-affiliated, collaborations, starter vs. consolidator) and how the type of grant can affect selection criteria

• understand how to find international calls for grants and fellowships

• identify and approach potential host laboratories

• develop a competitive research plan (operationalizing research questions, and aligning goals and work packages into a coherent story)

• structure the research project in a more fundable” way (feasibility, milestones, contingency plans, preliminary data)

• understand and respond effectively to typical parts of a grant application (visualizability, conciseness, opportune repetition)

• assess one’s own proposal like a grant reviewer

• collaborate with the host laboratory to meet application deadlines

Webinar 2: Advanced Topics in Grant Writing (attendance requires formal application)

This webinar will explore in greater depth the topics discussed in Webinar 1, adapted to the research fields and methods in the example grant proposals (in the form of assignment) submitted by the selected participants.

There are two ways by which one can participate in this workshop: 

i. Only attend Webinar 1 — This is an open session and the participant only needs to register to attend the Webinar 1. 

Note: Limited seats available.

ii. Attend the entire workshop and get a certificate — This is a certification workshop which consists of two webinars and an assignment. Anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria and wishes to attend this certification workshop needs to submit a completed application before 26 May 2020, 5:30 PM IST (details are available below). The workshop attendees will be selected by a peer-reviewed application process. Participants who complete the entire workshop (2 webinars + an assignment) will be awarded a certificate from EMBO and IndiaBioscience. 


  • 18 June: 3:00 - 5:00 PM IST

    Webinar 1: Fundamentals of Writing Effective Grant and Fellowship Applications (Open session)

  • 18 June: 5:15 - 6:15 PM IST

    Introduction to Assignment (Only for selected participants)

  • 29 June: 12:00 PM IST

    Deadline for assignment submissions (Only for selected participants)

  • 10 July: 3:00 - 5:00 PM IST

    Webinar 2: Advanced Topics in Grant Writing (Only for selected participants)


A. Chapin Rodríguez (BSc, Duke University, USA; PhD, Cambridge University, UK) has conducted research at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (UK) and the Harvard Institutes of Medicine (USA). His research has been funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the US National Institutes of Health and the UK Medical Research Council. He has worked more than a decade as a consultant in science communication and publishing, helping researchers in natural and clinical sciences publish their manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, prepare grant applications and improve their oral presentation skills. He is the founder of Creaducate Consulting (www​.crea​d​u​cate​.eu).


i. Only attend Webinar 1: Webinar 1: Fundamentals of Writing Effective Grant and Fellowship Applications

Click hereto register.

ii. Webinar 2: Advanced Topics in Grant Writing

Candidates who wish to attend the full workshop need to apply and undergo a selection process. Please check the eligibility criteria and FAQ page to ensure that you are eligible to apply BEFORE submitting an application.


  • Application form
  • Summary of research [Max of 300 words]
  • Letter of nomination from immediate supervisor 
  • CV highlighting 2 peer-reviewed publications/​conferences (if available)
  • Latter two documents need to be submitted to seminars@​indiabioscience.​org

Steps to apply:

  1. Fill in the application form by clicking on the link
  2. Submit the application form and accompanying documents by 26 May 2020 5:30 PM IST 

(Note: After this deadline, the application form will be disabled.)

Participants will be informed about the selection status by 5th June 2020.



    Shantala Hari Dass

    Manager Communications and Outreach, The Hospital for Sick Children & CGEn, Canada