This workshop hopes to create an awareness about the various career options available to Masters and PhD level students in biological sciences. A life in academia has always been thought of as the obvious choice for science graduates. Through this workshop, we will bring you face-to-face with people who have successfully carved a niche for themselves outside of academia.

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Event Details

Date: 8th September 2017 

Venue: Division of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Time: 1.45 pm onwards

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Invited talks

Tinto rang — the journey from lab to customers:Fathima Benazir, Cofounder and CEO, Azooka Life Sciences

Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Law: Lipika Sahoo, Founder and CEO, LifeIntelect

Path Ahead – Science and Market together:Rajesh Nair, CEO, Basil Biosolutions

Bridging the Gap — Roadmap to a smooth transition: Shyam Suryanarayan, Founder and CEO, C:\Drive

Changing tracks: An unconventional route beyond the lab to integrate people, processes and platforms to accelerate healthcare solutions for the next billion: Swati Subodh, Cofounder, 1M1B Foundation

Do you fancy the journey to take science towards its application: Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO, C‑CAMP


1.45 – 2.00 Introductory remarks by Umesh Varshney, Chairman, Division of Biological Sciences, IISc

2.00 — 2.15 Remarks by K VijayRaghavan, Secretary, DBT

2.15 — 2.30 Introduction to IndiaBioscience and overview to Careers in Science’ by Smita Jain, Associate Director, IndiaBioscience

Session 1

2.30 – 3.00 Fathima Benazir, Cofounder and CEO, Azooka Life Sciences

3.00 – 3.30 Lipika Sahoo, Founder and CEO, LifeIntelect, Bangalore

3.30 – 4.00 Rajesh Nair, CEO, Basil Biosolutions, Bangalore

4.00 – 4.30 Tea/​Coffee

Session 2

4.30 – 5.00 Shyam Suryanarayanan, Founder and CEO, C:\Drive, Bangalore

5.00 — 5.30Swati Subodh, Cofounder,1M1B Foundation, New Delhi

5.30 — 6.00 Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO, C‑CAMP, Bangalore

Session 3

6.00 — 6.45 Panel Discussion — Q & A session with the panel

6.45 – 6.55 Concluding Remarks by Subba Rao, MCBL, IISc

6.55 — 7.00 Vote of Thanks — IndiaBioscience

7.00 Tea and snacks