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About the webinar

This webinar will employ biographies of two women biologists (Barbara McClintock and E K Janaki Ammal) to explore the role of biographies in placing biological sciences of the early 20th century in its social-historical context. It will also draw attention to how gender, sexuality and race shaped the biological sciences practised by these women scientists in two starkly different geopolitical contexts. 

The speaker will draw upon some of the feminist scholarships that have examined the field of biological sciences and invite reflections on what could be the value of situating biology in its social context in its teaching and learning.

The webinar will be useful for biology educators teaching in colleges and universities, researchers, students and other science professionals.

Date: 25 April 2024

Time: 3 – 4 PM IST


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The webinar will be in the format of a meeting to make it highly interactive. The speaker will give a talk for 30 min, followed by a QnA session for 20 – 25 min.

About the speaker

Aswathy Raveendran teaches and researches at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai. She holds a PhD in science education and a Master’s in biotechnology. Her areas of research include science technology society education and gender and science.