About the Series

IndiaBioscience, along with Saurabh Pradhan, IMBA, Vienna, Austria and Deepa Subramanyam, NCCS, Pune, have come together to co-host Big Questions, Innovative Approaches’ a series of science talks for PhD researchers, Postdoctoral Fellows and early-career researchers in India. 

As part of Big Questions, Innovative Approaches’, international researchers will share their professional journeys and research findings with the broad science community in India.

Guests: The invited scientists will be biologists working on big and broad questions in the field, and doing so with unconventional or cutting-edge approaches. The scientists will also discuss their scientific journey, including opportunities and challenges, that led them to ask and answer these questions. 

Participants: While intended for PhD students, Postdoctoral Fellows and early-career researchers, the online webinars will be open to all (including faculty, scientists and scientific/​technical staff).

Scientific Talk #3

Frances M. Brodsky

Genetic diversity of clathrin subunits enables tissue-specific membrane traffic

Date: 06 September 2023

Time: 16:00 — 17:00 IST 

Frances M. Brodsky

Professor, Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology, Division of Biosciences, University College London

Frances Brodsky is a Professor in the Division of Biosciences at the University College London. She is a global leader in the field of clathrin biology and her group has made significant contributions to our current knowledge of clathrin biochemistry, protein structure, and self-assembly. Prof. Brodsky’s group has also defined how clathrin-mediated pathways influence receptor signalling, the immune response and the cell cycle. Her group discovered the function of a second human isoform of clathrin heavy chain (CHC22) in the GLUT4 transport pathway, an aspect of human glucose metabolism relevant to type 2 diabetes. Research in her laboratory continues to investigate novel and conventional clathrin functions that are important for human health.

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To register, please follow the link: bit​.ly/​B​i​g​Q​u​e​s​t​i​o​n​s​S​c​i​e​n​t​i​f​i​c​Talk3

Registration is free and open to all. 


  • 16:00 IST

    Welcome & Introduction

    Team IndiaBioscience

  • 16:04 IST

    Introduction to the guest scientist and housekeeping rules

    Deepa Subramanyam

  • 16:08 IST

    Scientific Talk by Frances M. Brodsky

  • 16:45 IST

    Audience Q&A

    Saurabh Pradhan

  • 17:00 IST

    Concluding Remarks

    Saurabh Pradhan

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