The 2nd National Post Doc Symposium is a joint endeavor by NCBS, InStem and CCMB PostDoctoral fellows to bring together Life Science PostDocs across the country. The three-day symposium will comprise of invited talks, research presentations, mentor interactions, informative panel discussions and workshops. It also features a career day where talks will be presented from exemplary and prolific people from industry R&D, start-ups, Sci comm and journalism. We hope that the symposium will provide a platform to support our present research and future career decisions and enable us to sustain career growth. 

Last date Abstract Submission 10th September

Registration closes by 25th September


  • Day 1: 3-Oct-2018

    IInvited Talks: Dr. Rakesh Mishra (Director, CCMB), Dr. Mukund Thattai (NCBS, Bangalore), Dr Rashna Bhandari (CDFD, Hyd), Dr L.S. Sashidhara (IISER, Pune), Dr. Vijay Chandru (Strand lifesciences).

  • Post Doc Talks and Poster Session with mentor-mentee interactions

  • Workshop: Grants Writing and Research Fellowships conducted by Wellcome-DBT India Alliance.

  • Panel discussion: Issues faced by Post Docs in India, Challenges and solutions

  • Day 2: 4-Oct- 2018

    Invited Talks Dr. S.C. Lakhotia (BHU, Varanasi), Dr. Roop Mallik (TIFR, Mumbai), Dr. Jyotsna Dhawan, (CCMB, Hyd) Dr. Vidita Vaidya (TIFR, Mumbai), Dr. Appa Rao (Vice Chacellor, Univ. of Hyderabad), Dr. Radha Rangarajan (Vitas Pharma)

  • Post Doc Talks and Poster Session with mentor-mentee interactions

  • Workshop: Present your best self! Conducted by Jayshankar, Empowered Learning Systems, Pune

  • Panel discussion: Post doc to PI-career journeys shared by speakers

  • Day 3: 5-Oct-2018 - Career day Special

    Invited talks: Dr. Smita Jain (IndiaBioscience), Krishna Ella (Bharat Biotech), Subhra Priyadarshini (Nature India), Shyam Suryanarayanan (SciTal), Dr. Chitra Ravi (Azim Premji Univ.), Dr. Sarah Iqbal (Wellcome-DBT India Alliance), Dr. S. Ramaswamy (inStem, Bangalore), Vishwanath Bhoomi (Novartis, Hyd)

  • Panel discussion: Skill sets for career development and growth; Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges; Postdoc “Networks”, what is needed to create a postdoc culture in the country


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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Hyderabad.