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How do we extract polyphosphates from fruit flies?

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In this video, Sunayana Sarkar (graduate student, Manish Jaiswal's lab, TIFR Hyderabad) explains how she standardised a protocol for extracting polyphosphates from fruit flies.

When Sunayana joined Manish Jaiswal’s lab at TIFR Hyderabad, she decided to investigate the role of polyphosphates in eukaryotic organisms, a research theme that had not been explored by the lab before. Though at the brink of exciting opportunities, Sunayana had to standardize the protocol for extracting polyphosphates from fruit flies. The method of extracting polyphosphates from cultured cells had been well established and served as a helpful reference to begin charting out a protocol for fruit flies. The journey, however, was not as smooth. Over a span of nine months, Sunayana put together a whole new inventory relevant to the experiment and tirelessly engaged in the process of troubleshooting till she finally arrived at an extraction protocol that was applicable to fruit flies. Watch this video to know more about Sunayana’s story.

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