Meet Jane Tingley (Foresta Inclusive)

Carbon Chronicles Episode CC-03

Jane Tingley is an artist, curator and Assistant Professor at York University (CA). She has participated in exhibitions and festivals in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe — including translife — International Triennial of Media Art at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, Gallerie Le Deco (JP), and Elektra Festival (CA). She received the Kenneth Finkelstein Prize in Sculpture and the first prize in the iNTERFACES – Interactive Art Competition in Portugal.

Her studio work combines traditional studio practice with new media tools — and spans responsive/​interactive installation, performative robotics, and telematically connected distributed sculptures/​installations. Her works are interdisciplinary in nature and explore the creation of spaces and experiences that push the boundaries between science and magic, interactivity and playfulness, and offer an experience to the viewer that is accessible both intellectually and technologically. Using distributed technologies, her current work investigates the hidden complexity found in the natural world and explores the deep interconnections between the human and non-human relationships. 

More info: www​.janet​ing​ley​.com

Podcast Duration: 24 min 39 sec


Guests: Jane Tingley— Arranged by Science Gallery Bengaluru

Planning and Concept : Team Science Gallery Bengaluru, Arushi Batra, Karishma Kaushik

Recording, Editing & Hosting: Arushi Batra

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