Utilisation of the Scientific Expertise of Retired Scientists (USERS)

Department of Science and Technology


he Department during the seventh five-year plan introduced the scheme Utilisation of the Scientific Expertise of Retired Scientists (USERS). The main objective of the scheme is to utilise expertise and potential of large number of eminent scientists in the country who remain active and deeply motivated to participate in S&T development activities even after their retirement. The scheme has continued to play a significant role in involving a large number of retired scientists in S&T developmental activities. The main activity under the programme is preparation of books/monographs/state-of-the-art reports. 


After superannuation, Scientists upto the age of 67 years can apply for the scheme.

To Apply

The following documents are required to be submitted with the proposal:

Sl. No.ItemsNo. of copies
1.The detailed proposal as per the format10
2.Certificate from Head of the Institution as per the format (on letter head)1
3.Certificate from investigator as per the format1
4.Copy of agreement/​concurrence from Publisher/​Society1
5.List of five experts in the field with Addresses1
6.Last pay certificate/​pension drawn by the investigator1

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