ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships


ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships offers students from India, Singapore and Australia fully-funded research stints in a Swiss laboratory of your choosing. This provides scholars with an opportunity to experience the Swiss research ecosystem first-hand.

  • Applicants enrolled at an accredited Indian, Australian or Singaporean university or research institute.
  • Applicants with written confirmation from a professor at a Swiss university or research institute that they have accepted you for a research stay in their group/​lab.
  • Doctoral and postdoctoral candidates are not eligible to apply.
  • They specifically encourage Indian applicants with an interest in Antimicrobial Research (AMR), One Health, biodiversity or climate change and action to apply. (The University of Lausanne is not part of this programme for Indian students.) We are subject-agnostic as far as Australian and Singaporean applicants are concerned.


Applicants currently enrolled in a Master’s programme or have completed their second year of an undergraduate degree by the time the research stay in Switzerland begins.

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