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Sun Pharma Science Foundation has invited nominations for Sun Pharma Science Foundation Research Fellowships and Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Fellowships for the year 2024.

The Sun Pharma Science Foundation Research Fellowships are for excellence in original research work in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences by Indian Scientists working in India and Non-Resident Indian Scientists (who are holding a valid Indian Passport) working abroad. There are three Fellowships – Medical Sciences-Basic Research, Medical Sciences-Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each fellowship carry a Trophy, Citation and a Cash Prize of Rs.250000/- (Rupees two lakh fifty thousand).

The Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Fellowships are for upcoming brilliant and young Indian researchers under the age of thirty, for their research projects. There are four Fellowships; two each in Bio-Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each award carry a Citation and a Cash Prize of Rs.50000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) and an additional lump sum amount of Rs.50000/- for attending an international conference to present abstract/​posters, on submission of invitation letter from the organizing committee and expense statement.

To Apply

Nominations should be submitted online from July 01, 2024 onwards. The last date of receiving nomination is August 31, 2024.

The detailed Nomination procedures of both the Fellowships are available at www.sunpharmasciencefoundation…

To Apply for Sun Pharma Research Fellowships, please visit https://sunpharmasciencefounda… (open in chrome)

To apply for Sun Pharma Science Scholar Fellowships, Please visit https://sunpharmasciencefounda… (open in chrome)

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