Societal Research Fellowship(SoRF)

Department of Science and Technology


The Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development division of Department of Science and Technology has pioneered several gender initiatives since the 6th plan.

In the earlier years the scheme focused on technology based empowerment of rural women through project mode support. Further to this initiative the department enlarged the objective of this scheme to include a scholarship scheme for women scientists and technologists. The scholarship scheme being implemented by the department since 2003 is specially focused on women scientists who would like to contribute to nation building through lab to land transfer, technology adaptation and scaling of location specific interventions.

Women scientists who apply for this scheme are required to develop their own project/​proposals for disseminating science and technological solutions addressing issues at the grass roots for societal benefit through search, design, adaptation and demonstration of S&T skills and techniques for enhanced opportunities for income generation, drudgery reduction and capacity building in different occupations at the grassroot level.

The scheme has supported projects in diverse areas such as animal and human health & nutrition, natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, engineering, artisanal technology development and value addition.

There will be two mode of the scheme

A. Internship mode:
For women scientists/​technologists having no previous experience of writing & implementing projects, a special one year internship programme has been designed and introduced during 12thplan. During this one year the women scientist/​technologist would get attached to a S&T institution and be exposed to the latest techniques/​methodology and choose a suitable need based problem and develop a full proposal. After completion of the internship the detailed proposal would then be presented before a committee for further financial support under the project mode.

B. Project mode:
The women scientist/​technologist who have a PhD Degree or master’s in science with adequate research experience and are either continuing to work as post Doc’s or have just attained their degrees, they will be considered for existing project based fellowship scheme.


A Women Scientist or Technologist
1. Who is Indian national living in India
2. Who are currently not employed on permanent position
3. Whose age is below 55 years at the time of applying
4. The internship stream would be applicable to women scientist/​technologist who have Master’s Degree in life sciences/​chemical sciences and physical sciences or mathematical sciences or Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Technology/​Medicine from a recognized University or equivalent but have no experience in project implementation/R&D experience. PhD holders having a 5 years gap after Ph.D will also need to undergo the internship
5. Women scientists/​technologists who have a Ph.D Degree or master’s in science with adequate research experience and are either continuing to work as post Doc’s or have just attained their Ph.D degree will be eligible for project mode

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