SGB PSYCHE Youth-Led Workshops Open Call


Science Gallery Bengaluru seeks proposals for youth-led interactive, hands-on workshops for PSYCHE, an exhibition-season that explores the mind — and the complexities of thinking and feeling — in March 2022. Why do we think? Why do we dream? Why are we emotional beings? Is intelligence and the ability to think and feel restricted to humans?

Researchers have grappled with the inner workings of the human mind, from mapping billions of neurons to trying to understand the intangible expressions of thought and consciousness. We have experimented on the human brain with drugs, hypnosis, genetic techniques, and more. The mind plays its own tricks through optical illusions, déjà vu, delusions and hallucinations, which, combined with the imagination and hormones, manifest in intriguing behaviours.

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To Apply

Please fill out the form to apply.

The Psyche curatorial team and Science Gallery Bengaluru programmes team will assess the applications after the Open Call closes. The selected applicants will be informed individually via email.

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