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Humane Society International/​India (HSI/​India) in collaboration with Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) is offering funding to support the development and open-access publication of independent review articles in discrete areas of human disease/​biomedicine.

Each review article will need to: 

1) critically evaluate the state of the science, including mechanistic understanding of the pathophysiological pathways/​networks underlying the disease in humans, the human relevance, translational success and limitations associated with available research models 

2) provide a detailed proposal for optimizing the use of modern, human biology-based tools and approaches (in vitro, in silico, bioengineering, etc.) into the research paradigm to potentially improve translational success in future. 


Applicants with a PhD/Post-doctoral fellow/​equivalent in biological/​life science (currently working or retired) are invited to tender for one of these grants. 

To Apply

The Application form can be downloaded and submitted by email. Applicants must read the funding conditions below before completing their application. 

A brief CV of no more than two pages for each applicant is also required, and PDFs of up to four recent publications in the field of the disease that they wish to review should be included. 

High visibility publication of the review is a requirement of this funding; therefore, applicants are required to identify three candidate peer-reviewed journals of suitable remit for their review. 

Final applications should be submitted by email to Dr Brinda Poojary at bpoojary@​hsi.​org by 28 February 2019. 

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