Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE)-2024

Department of Science and Technology


Online proposals are invited for consideration of support under the Scheme Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence” (PURSE), DST Government of India. The primary aim of the scheme is to offer assistance in reinforcing the research and development (R&D) foundation of universities across the country.

The main objective of the scheme is to strengthen the research capacity of Indian Universities and provide support for nurturing the research ecosystem and strengthening the R&D base of the Universities in the country. The Scheme will provide the support to acquire research facilities (support for acquiring the teaching facilities will not be provided in the scheme), research man-power cost, acquiring research consumables, funds for travel, organizing workshops and conferences, contingencies and maintenance of the facilities. Universities are encouraged to consolidate their areas of expertise into interdisciplinary thematic endeavors, forming accomplished teams with clearly defined objectives. It is advised that universities identify excellence within specific departments through a defined process and allocate a significant portion of the program’s support to these high-performance groups, rather than uniformly distributing funds among performing and non-performing departments or groups. Universities are urged to submit consolidated proposals that ensure broad participation from Science and Engineering departments within the university. Scheme does not allow any provision for building/​construction and recruitment of staff in permanent in nature. 

The Manpower recruited under PURSE shall be co terminus with the project duration. The manpower shall be technical and scientific only. Individual Centric R&D proposal shall not be entertained under this scheme. The synergy and focus of research may preferably be aligned to National Missions/​priorities.

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