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The Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF) is dedicated to advancing the field of life sciences by identifying and supporting exceptional postdoctoral fellows. This program aims to foster groundbreaking discoveries and innovative applications in biology for the benefit of the public by offering critical funding and training opportunities to the most promising young scientists from any part of the world. 

Applications to this program are to be submitted online and are evaluated by an independent panel of experts. Successful applicants are promptly notified of the results. The selection committee of LSRF identifies the top 5% of applicants from the international pool of postdoctoral applicants. The program receives about 500 applications each year and is able to make 18 – 27 awards annually making the selection of fellows extremely competitive.


Applicants must apply within 5 years of receiving their PhD (or MD/DVM whichever was awarded later) as of October 1, 2023. If you received your PhD (or MD/DVM) before October 1, 2018, you are not eligible to apply. You may apply before defending your thesis but must have your PhD (or MD/DVM) degree by the time the award is activated on August 1, 2024.

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