PhD Voice Scholarship By Scrintal


Applications for the PhD Voice Scholarship Sponsored by Scrintal are open for 2021/ 2022! 

About Scrintal

Scrintal is a visual notebook that amplifies the research process and literature reviews. With Scrintal, researchers and PhD students can visually organise their knowledge (PDFs, images, web content and even transcribe audio & video) and connect all the key parts. So they can easily find insights to improve the quality of their articles, PhD theses to get cited and published and more.

Scrintal’s user-friendly tags and infinite canvas simplifies the qualitative coding of literature, interviews and media, while providing a unified visual space for all findings. Scrintal is developed by a PhD student and a community of researchers to make research joyful and intuitive.

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All PhD students (2021/ 2022) can apply, regardless of the study field, affiliated institution and geographical area.

To Apply

To apply online click here.

The applications close on 15 September 2021 and the grant is awarded on 1 October 2021.

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