National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC 2023)


The ATRACT-Life program is an integrated Research Translation & Commercialization program at C‑CAMP, created with the primary goal of fostering innovations for society by leveraging the strength of Indian academic research and C‑CAMP’s translational resources.

The ATRACT-Life program is a part of C‑CAMP’s Discovery to Innovation Accelerator (DIA) program, and has been catalysed & supported by the office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, and also supported by the Pratiksha Trust.

The National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC), is the annual call for proposals announced by DIA, under its ATRACT-Life program. The call is open to Academic Discoveries & Inventions, which require support for translation into technologies with the potential for significant impact in the different fields of Life sciences, including areas such as Human Health Care, Animal Health Care, Primary & Secondary Agriculture, and Environment.


The program welcomes exciting proposals from Indian academic researchers for developing life science innovations, such as novel technologies, devices, resources, etc.

  • The applicants can be individuals or teams of researchers.
  • The applicant team can include researchers from more than one academic research institute.
  • The applicants can be faculty members, principal investigators, or independent scientists affiliated with an Indian academic research organization.
  • If senior students/post-docs wish to submit proposals, their team must contain at least one faculty member/​PI from a recognized Indian academic organization. 
  • The applicants may be from any scientific streams/​backgrounds, but the proposed innovation must have a clear utility in the field of life sciences.

To Apply

The submitted proposals for innovations will be carefully screened by an expert committee and the selection process may include multiple rounds of screening.

The key criteria for the selection process are:

  • Underlying Scientific Novelty
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Industrial Adaptability & Scalability
  • Market & Societal Impact of Proposed Innovations

For submitting proposals and for further details, please visit: www​.ccamp​.res​.in/​d​i​a​-​a​t​r​a​c​tlife
For any assistance or queries, contact at <dia_​applications@​ccamp.​res.​in> or call at 080 6718 5055.

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