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The Lundbeck Foundation’s Postdoc Call invites researchers from diverse fields to contribute their ideas for projects with the potential to impact neuroscience or therapy for nervous system disorders. With a broad perspective on the term neuroscience,’ the foundation welcomes proposals spanning medical, technical, natural, and social sciences, as well as humanities. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is emphasized, recognizing that groundbreaking discoveries often emerge from the fusion of different disciplines.

The evaluation procedure involves a single step, overseen by the Lundbeck Foundation Talent Panel. Before the panel’s engagement, the Foundation’s Grants & Prizes Department assesses all applications for eligibility.


Have obtained a PhD or be able to document that they are expected to gain their PhD within six months of the application deadline. Have obtained their PhD less than four years before the application deadline (calculated from the date on the PhD diploma). Rules for leave of absence apply.

To Apply

Applicants must submit their application, written in English, via the Lundbeck Foundation’s application system. Please note that the Foundation will not consider or assess any application material that is not submitted via the application system.

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