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The Project-based Personnel Exchange Programme’(PPP) is a bilateral research promotion programme which is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concluded in 1998 between the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The basic aim of the programme is to strengthen the collaboration between Indian and German research groups, which are working jointly on a particular scientific project. The programme Project-based Personnel Exchange’ envisages, in this connection, financial support for operational mobility only. Particular emphasis is thereby accorded to academic training and specialization of young researchers. 

Concrete objectives have to be mentioned in the application (project description) (including the number and academic credentials of the researchers to be supported).

Research collaborations entered into with the intention of initiating major projects, such as the preparation of joint applications meant for submission to any other funding organisation, are highly preferred.

To Apply

The applications shall be evaluated on both sides by independent selection committee. The final selection shall be made jointly by DST and DAAD.

  • The key criteria for the selection are: The quality of the project (here especially: the clarity of project goals and methodology).
  • The scientific significance and relevance of the project (The topicality of the subject and the level of innovation in the project)
  • Feasibility of the research project (under which especially: security of funding arrangement, preparatory work, and appropriate planning for reciprocal visits)
  • Project-relevant competency of both the research groups.
  • Complementarities of the research groups in their common objectives (with regard to methodology, content, instruments, etc.)
  • Adequate participation of young scientists.

Other criteria are:

  • Knowledge transfer between the German and the Indian group.
  • Scientific and/​or industrial usability, where applicable, of the project results.
  • Additional benefit (technical, institutional, inter-disciplinary) through cooperation with the Indian partner.

Only those applications that have been submitted by both partners to DST (by Indian partner) as well as to DAAD (by German partner), complete in all respects, shall be considered further for evaluation. Incomplete applications, in form, shall be summarily rejected. No advance copies of the proposals shall be accepted by DST. The proposals received after the notified due date shall not be considered in any case.

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