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India Science Festival invite you to apply for an event spot for the 6th edition of the India Science Festival (ISF), ISF 2025, organised by the non-profit organisation Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology (FAST India). The festival will be held in Pune in January 2025.

As they bring together yet another inspiring and captivating edition of the festival next year, we invite individuals and organisations in India and across the globe to send in their proposals for events at the festival.

They welcome proposals for innovative, unique, and engaging events under the following categories: Workshop, Booth, Installation, and Performance.

To Apply

Submit your event proposals for ISF 2025 through the online application form latest by 4:30 pm IST, 15 Jul 2024 using the submit button below.

Stages of application

  • Stage 1: Proposal submission
  • Stage 2: Interviews with shortlisted applicants
  • Stage 3: Detailed proposal submission by shortlisted applicants (only if required)
  • Stage 4: Final results

Proposal structure

You are required to structure your event proposal in the following format in no more than 750 words. You can download the template from here, create your proposal in it, and submit it as a pdf in the application form.

  • Title of the proposed event: A tentative title would suffice at this stage.
  • Introduction: Establish the context and objective of the event.
  • Science and technology concept: Explain the science/​technology concept/​model/​experiment you propose to showcase at the event. Make sure to strike a balance between simplicity and depth.
  • Your approach: Mention the details of how you are going to meet the said objective and how you shall implement the event. This may include props, interactive activities, and strategies for audience engagement.
  • Value proposition: Mention what makes your approach/​idea/​implementation unique, and how you think the audience will benefit from it.
  • Support required from FAST India: This includes any consultation/​implementation/​logistical support that you may need from us.
  • Previous work: Add links to your previous work samples to enable us to better gauge your expertise in engaging with the audience

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