Tech Policy Press Fellowship Program


Tech Policy Press is a nonprofit media venture intended to provoke new ideas, debate, and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy. At a time of great challenge to democracies globally, Tech Policy Press seeks to advance a pro-democracy movement in tech and tech policy.

To support new and diverse perspectives in tech policy and expand our coverage, Tech Policy Press is launching a fellowship program. Starting in Fall 2023, Tech Policy Press will support a small number of part-time fellows to research and write on critical topics that seek to educate the public and decision-makers about technology and its impact on democracy and society. The fellowships are part of a commitment to promote new voices and build a more global discussion of tech policy.


At least an undergraduate degree or commensurate professional experience.


  • Relevant writing or content production experience.
  • Proficient in Google Docs, social media, and other relevant digital tools for content production and workflow management.
  • An understanding of various writing styles and how to structure information and ideas.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Outstanding English grammar and attention to detail.
  • A portfolio of prior publications or relevant work.
  • Knowledge of current events and awareness of tech and tech policy issues.

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