CARB‑X 2019


CARB‑X, the world’s largest PPP organisation combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) globally is launching four new funding rounds to support the development of antibiotics, vaccines, diagnostics and other life-saving products targeting drug-resistant bacteria. Applications are invited from product developers around the world.

The funding call is divided into four rounds as below -

1) Round 1 — Non-traditional Approaches — June 3 — June10, 5pm ET

2) Round 2 — Vaccines & Biotherapeutics- July 8‑July 15, 5pm ET

3) Round 3 — Diagnostics — August 12 — August 19, 5pm ET

4) Round 4 — Direct-acting small molecule antibiotics — November 12 — November 19, 5pm ET

See http://carb‑ for more details.

For any questions, reach out to for more info. Write to us at amr@​ccamp.​res.​in

C‑CAMP is part of the CARB‑X Global Accelerator Network, GAN. It is the only CARB‑X accelerator outside of USA and Europe and also the only dedicated AMR accelerator in India.

To Apply

Click here to visit the Apply pages of the CARB‑X website. Please follow the link for CARB‑X slides: https://carb‑

Contact C‑CAMP at amrfunding@​ccamp.​res.​in if you need assistance applying for CARB‑X funding such as eligibility criteria, filling in the application or for more information. 

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