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Academia is the prime resource in any country for generating new knowledge and its conversion to wealth. However, absence of effective institutional mechanisms in academia for translating R&D output into technological wealth is a big impediment. TDT Division has been implementing Technology related programmes since the inception of DST. Its success in terms of indigenous technology development has been satisfactory; however, the contribution to this from the University system is yet to be optimized. It has been deliberated several times on institutionalizing industry academia interaction, wherein creation of an enabling ecosystem has always emerged as an issue remaining to be effectively tackled.

The objective of TEC will be to create an Ecosystem for Technology Development in the Universities and to provide a platform to network researchers with other Institutes, National laboratories and Industry. The focus of Centres will be on providing an enabling eco system, process and support system for technology development,
deployment and diffusion.

To Apply

  1. Proposals should be submitted ONLY BY ONLINE MODE (https://​onlinedst​.gov​.in/). Applicants should register as a PI in DST’s Online Portal. Registered PIs may get an option of submit proposal”, under which calls are open. PIs Page 3 of 3 may download the Guidelines and Format under the division of Technology Development and Transfer” followed by the scheme of Technology Enabling Centres”.
  2. The format of the application and the guidelines may be downloaded from https://​onlinedst​.gov​.in
  3. PI (Proposed TEC Coordinator) should have relevant experience (patents, prototype, technology demonstration, technology transfers etc.).
  4. Activities, achievable milestones, time lines, justifiable budget requirement and engagement with prospective partners, sustenance plan beyond 5 years of DST support should be clearly spelled out.
  5. Financial support will be provided only for temporary staff salaries, consumables, domestic travel and other miscellaneous items. No support will be provided towards Buildings, International travel and for the routine scientific R & D.
  6. The temporary manpower recruited for the TEC should be paid as per the guidelines of the Government of India. The posts which are not covered under the guidelines but permissible under projects at host institute will be considered on discretion of DST.
  7. The quarterly deliverables should be clearly mentioned in the proposal in the form of a Gantt chart/​matrix.

For any queries related to call, please feel free to write to Dr. Anita Aggarwal, Scientist, TDT Division, DST (Email: anita.​a@​nic.​in) or Dr. Krishna Kanth Pulicherla, Scientist, TDT Division, DST (Email: kkpulicherla.​dst@​gov.​in).

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