3rd CUBE Fellowship Program 2019


The voluntary organization Centre for Urban Biodiversity Conservation & Education (CUBE)” was formed from the ongoing conservation movement at Singanallur Lake, Coimbatore comprising Administrators, Scientists, Professors and Conservationists. The ultimate aim of the organization is to create awareness about urban biodiversity and its importance, to promote urban greenery and importantly to establish Singanallur Lake as a Model Wetland.

In that line, we are announcing our 3rd CUBE Fellowship Program 2019 to support exceptionally talented students towards their academic dissertations at Masters Level in pursuing research initiatives that will contribute a new knowledge in the field of Urban Biodiversity Conservation. The details of the fellowship are enclosed and please do circulate among your faculties and students. Hope this Fellowship Program will help in building a green and sustainable city.

CUBE fellowship is awarded to encourage young researchers at Masters Level to take up any research studies in the field of Urban Biodiversity Conservation from anywhere in India. Special preference will be given to conservation studies at Singanallur Lake, Coimbatore which was declared as Urban Biodiversity Conservation Zone” in the year 2017. One or two fellowships will be awarded in a year towards their Academic Dissertation and the fellowship amount will range from Rs. 10,000 — Rs. 20,000 per study. 


Fulltime Students enrolled in any discipline for their Masters Degree. The proposed research study should be towards their academic dissertation.

To Apply

Applications are accepted from students and by e‑mail only. All applications have to be accompanied by the following documents in PDF format and should be sent to cubefellowship@​gmail.​com

1. Application Format (Maximum four pages)

a. Title of the proposed research study

b. What you are trying to achieve from the study within the time frame?

c. Why this research study is important

d. What are the scientific methods that will be used in the study

e. Outlining of work plan and timeline

f. Detailed budget

g. Name, designation and contact details of the Guide

h. Details of applications or proposals to any other fellowships or funding agencies for this study

i. Your interests and activities that are related to biodiversity and conservation

2. Resume of the Applicant

3. Scanned copy of the Recommendation Letter from the Institutional Guide

Selection Process

All applications will be scrutinized and will be evaluated for its feasibility to complete the study within the time frame, objectives, scientific design and methodology, outcome of the study and also the ability of the applicant. The applications can be accepted, rejected or provisionally accepted on the basis of the recommendations from the review committee. The committee’s decision is final. 

The successful applicant will be required to sign a standard reporting and completion agreement and liability waiver. A copy of the final report has to be submitted within one month of the completion of the study and the applicant is encouraged to publish their findings in Journals. The fellowship amount will be disbursed to students directly on the recommendation of the research guide. The fellowship amount cannot be utilized for tuition fees, travel to conferences and the entire amount for purchase of equipment’s alone. 

For more details please contact, Centre for Urban Biodiversity Conservation & Education ( CUBE ) at +91 7448872233

The results will be announced by 20th November 2019.

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