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What is the teaching load for new faculty members? Can you start a new course for grad students if necessary?

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Teaching load is very variable depending on whether you are at a University or a Research Institute. University faculty have a significant teaching load, but some of these places have their senior faculty bear the major portion of this, because they recognize that new faculty need to prioritize getting their research programs off the ground.

At IISER Pune (one example of a new Institution with a mandate to integrate research and teaching, and with undergraduate as well as graduate students) the research: teaching time is approximately 80:20. IITB is similar- average one course per semester, less for new faculty. In primarily research institutions the teaching load is one course/year at most.

Yes one can usually start a new course- the system is quite flexible- but again this is something to ask during your interview. Sometimes a place not known for flexibility becomes flexible- it really does depend on the approach and attitude of the person doing the "flexing". One person can be all it takes.