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How are graduate students paid?

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This is one of the major advantages of doing science here-grad students come fully paid. This will be either from Institutional funds or from a CSIR/DBT/ICMR/UGC fellowships that they qualify for by appearing for an exam during their Master's. This cohort is highly competitive having qualified at a national level. In fact, most institutes have the luxury of only interviewing students who already qualify for such fellowships. Rarely are grant funds required to pay graduate students. Students also get free or nominal cost housing, usually an on-campus hostel or nearby accommodations.

If the fellowship term of 5 years is not sufficient, you can write in a SRF ("senior research fellow") position in your grant to pay your graduate student for the last 6 months/year. You can also keep your Ph.D. students around for an extra year finishing their papers but paying them as post-docs off their grant. Nearly all Institutions have a requirement for one first author paper for graduation.