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20 – 27 November 2019, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat

After 10 successful workshops on Science Writing in the southern and western parts of India, Current Science is organising a training Workshop for scientists, researchers and science faculty in the North East, for the first time. The Assam AgriculturalUniversity will be hosting this eight-day Workshop from 20 to 27 November 2019.

Current Science, an open-access journal, endeavors to make scientific advances accessible to all. Besides building the capacity of scientists and researchers to write different types of manuscripts and reviews, in a manner that is appropriate for the readers of the multidisciplinary journal, the Workshop series aims to improve the writing of grant applications and project reports.

To achieve this aim, the eight-day Workshop will be preceded by a month-long virtual online Workshop. The Workshop is followed by two-weeks online mentoring. Selected participants are expected to take part in online interactions actively to upgrade their skills.

Applications are invited from interested faculty in Indian universities and scientists in Indian research institutes. Special consideration for applicants from the north-eastern states of India.

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