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Whole Genome AND Metagenome Sequencing has been instrumental in understanding the genomic information of any organism. The rapid progress and innovation of NGS technology has successfully enabled the generation of large volumes of sequence data and reduced the expense for WGS. It helps in the field of Drug Trials and Pharmacogenomics, Newborn and Pediatric Disease, Rare Tumor Types, Clan Genomics: Family Disease Pedigree, Cancer studies, Regulatory variant analysis, Predictive medicine and Precision medicine.

Training Theme
The progress of science is punctuated by the advent of revolutionary technologies that provide new ways and scales to formulate scientific questions and advance knowledge. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, with its high-throughput capacity and low cost, has developed rapidly in recent years and become an important genome-wide tool to discover new genes, genomes and its elements. Hand-holding of participants and mentoring by genome experts throughout this training will create an ecosystem for experiential learning in real time.

Missions Accomplished (2017−2021)

  • Created​“Genomics Ecosystem” in the country by conducting 16 training programs
  • Trained >600 Scientists (Streams of Biology, Engineering Technology).
  • Trained >400 Scientists Online for all Post-doc fellows, Ph.D. Scholars, PG students, UG students and faculty
  • Achieved 100% transformation of participants in the areas of Genomics and Bioinformatics

Who Can Participate?
Students, Faculty and Scientists from Academia, Industries including Life Sciences, Biology, Computer, Medicine, Agriculture, Veterinary, Environmental Science and any other disciplines.

Accommodation and Food
It will be arranged based on request, with additional charges. Please contact one of the organizing secretaries for further details.

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