Online Faculty Development Program on Recent Trends in Computer Simulations for applications in Biotechnology: Teaching and Learning Strategies”

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In recent times, computer simulations have become an indispensible part of natural, mechanical and human systems. It is being increasing used in various disciplines to explore and get new insights into technology and also for understanding the systems which are too difficult for analytical solutions. 

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Objectives of the Workshop:
  • To train the participants on the basic strategies of teaching of Statistical Thermodynamics and its implication in biological systems.
  • To validate the knowledge in the area of Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Mechanics for applications in biological sciences.
  • To heighten the skills and knowledge of participants in basic and advanced Molecular Dynamics Simulation techniques and its application for effective laboratory training.
  • To empower the teaching and learning capabilities of the participants with emphasis on improvisation of their teaching skills of advanced topics of computer simulations for application in life sciences.

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