Online Cloud-based Hands on Workshop on Molecular Docking, Pharmacophore Modeling and Machine Learning

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They cordially invite you to the Cloud based Hands on Workshop organized by the Bioinformatics Division, ICMR – NICPR and Schrodinger Inc. from 15 – 16th March, 2022. This workshop includes lectures and hands on sessions by eminent Scientists from Schrodinger, Inc.

Two-days cloud-based hands-on workshop targeting ligand and structure-based drug designing. Participants will get practical experience and in-person guidance in using the Maestro GUI, covering the organic molecule sketching, protein preparation, and screening using Molecular Docking for hit identification of molecules against therapeutic targets. The lectures will also deal with a brief theory and practical experience on Pharmacophore Modelling, Shape based Screening & Core Hopping and Machine-Learning Model building using AutoQSAR

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Hardware Requirements: Computer/​Laptop, Chrome browser, Internet Connection (~5Mbps)

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