International Colloquium on Revisiting Indian Traditional Agriculture – A Contemplation (RITAAC-2021)”

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The preamble of organizing this Colloquium Revisiting Indian Traditional Agriculture – A Contemplation (RITAAC-2021)” is to revisit, revive, rejuvenate and reinforce the once dominant industry namely the agricultural sector which still holds the majority of the nation’s workforce that contribute substantially to the nation’s GDP.

Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Gi declared to double the farmers’ income by the year 2022 and several schemes which were implemented with this vision are becoming a reality. The green revolution which was introduced very early in our country had created a transition in cultivation, yet at the same time created long term economic and ecologic effects. Today we are at cross roads and there is a dire need to build a stronger agricultural sector without further harm to the environment and other natural resources. The option available to us is to revisit the sustainable practices of agriculture focusing on Agriculture-Water-Energy” nexus such that we can witness the second green revolution making agriculture more climate resilient and rewarding to the country’s GDP.

The colloquium shall address the following…

  1. Advantages of adapting organic farming and organic produce
  2. Role of floriculture and landscaping as a way forward to boost the agricultural economy
  3. Deciphering the genetic aspects of crop plants for effective utilization and conservation of wild varieties
  4. To explore and emphasize the myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities in this sector
  5. To arrive at a resolution on the importance and sustainability of organic cultivation

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