Exosome Characterization and Application: Hands-on training workshop

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Hands on training workshop involving key techniques such as exosome isolation, quantification, characterization, exosome labeling and uptake assays, data analysis and bioinformatics.

Extracellular vesicles (EV) has lead us to decrypting the language of cellular communication and bringing us extensive insight into various fields of Biology. The dynamic nature of EVs with respect to its cargo content and packaging, variation in size and EV sub-type has let it acquire an enormous role in studying various carcinomas, neuro-degenerative disorders and immunology. However, studying these membrane-bound nanovesicles has been a challenging and elusive feat requiring thorough training— the goal that our hands-on workshop aims to fulfil.

The 4‑day workshop aims to provide training to the registered candidates in key techniques of exosome isolation, quantification, characterization, labelling and uptake. Additionally, the workshop also aims to cover aspects of bioinformatics analysis and mechanisms of cargo packaging in EVs by renowned experts in the field of EV biology.

Who can apply: This hands-on training workshop will be ideal for research and PG, PhD, Post doc fellows and young faculty who are looking for a theoretical and hands-on introduction to isolation, quantification, characterization of exosomes in their ongoing/​future research areas/​projects.

Benefits to Participants: The workshop participants will get an opportunity to interact with the invited speakers and other resource persons, instructors for future networking. The participants will also receive laboratory handouts, questionaries, as well as reference material to further their understanding of the field.

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