e‑Refresher Course on 21st Era of Biotechnology – Innovate by Advanced Biotechnology Learning

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This e‑Refresher Course” opens to all biotechnology learners to join. This e‑Refresher Course is designed in such a way that biotechnology learners can upgrade themselves and innovate by advance biotechnology learning.

This e‑refresher course have twenty rigorous workshops designed based on present and future challenges related with infectious disease, malnutrition, environmental sustainability, bioprocess and bioprospecting and welfare of mankind. In this e‑Refresher Course on 21st Century: Era of Biotechnology platform you will be rigorously engaged with our Scientific and Industry Experts from various organizations from CSIR/DBT/ ICAR/ICMR Labs of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and many leading BioPharma Industries to innovate by Advanced Biotechnology Learning. We welcome all members of Biotechnology Fraternity to join this program with enthusiasm. We wish that this e‑refresher Course surely going to create a novel opportunity for all of you by learning advances in biotechnology for innovation.

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