Drug Discovery: Biotechnology & Pharma at CrossRoads

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The process of discovering and developing a new drug or therapy is immensely costly and time consuming. It has been estimated that the development of a new medicine costs more than $2 billion and takes 10 years to reach patients. However in the past decade both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has seen rapid strides towards drug discovery which happened in screening to target based drug designing. However the challenges associated with bringing new medicines to market have led many pharmaceutical companies to seek out innovative methods for streamlining their drug discovery research. There is an urgent need for the development of new and better therapies for chronic diseases due to lack of efficacy of current drugs and failure of therapies. This has led to the development of better methods and techniques for the above and attempts made to improve the efficacy of therapeutic molecules by repackaging them into the novel delivery systems. 

The need of the hour is a synergistic relationship between both academia and industry, where new challenges have to be identified and to promote commercial partnership by jointly developing new drugs and therapeutic molecules.Academic researchcould be translated into commercial therapeutic products with synergy with the industry. Secondly the amalgamation and blending of various fields of pharmaceutical sciences, Biotechnology, chemical sciences and modern biology shall help to bridge the gap for accelerated drug discovery programs. This conference is an effort to bring together specialists to identify the unmet needs of this multidisciplinary field and provide vision on future path. Broad areas covered in this conference will include Biodiversity and Bio-prospection, Screening Technologies for Drug Discovery, Natural Product Chemistry in Drug Development, Biologics, Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmacogenomics, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine etc. Both International and national experts from academia and industry shall be gracing the conference.

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