Advanced Workshop on Molecular Docking, Virtual Screening & Computational Biology

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The training course for the workshop has been designed to provide the theoretical background as well as a 
hands — on approach to Molecular Docking and Virtual screening. The workshop will also cover the use of
different software and will focus on Cheminformatics methods for lead identification and optimization.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Methods and Advances in computer aided drug design
  • Approaches in Target selection and refinement for docking studies
  • Identification and evaluation of Binding Pocket / Active site 
  • Docking approches in virtual screening and Lead idenitfication 
  • Modeling the unknown proteins for docking and virtual screening
  • Pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening of novel compounds
  • Refinement of novel leads using ADME prediction
  • Similiraty and disslimiaraity based methods in lead identification
  • 3D-QSAR Modeling and Lead optimization
  • Water thermodinamics in lead optimisation
  • Biologics Design and Protein engineering

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